What Are The Top Three Things Needed To Strengthen a Business

It’s a great question to know the answer to, where are people finding you.  Even Google likely lists your LinkedIn page. If your profile there is weak instead of strong, you are losing touch with people who were at least curious about you to begin with.  If you don’t tell a convincing story of how you can solve the problem they came looking for you in the first place for, then you’ve lost them before you even had a chance to talk. If these two things are failing you, it’s time for a makeover. 

After Your Makeover

Now that you have an appealing and professional LinkedIn Profile, you’re bound to raise curiosity with people who’ve just discovered the possibility that you may be holding the key to solving their problem.  If your story resonates, you can build a relationship for educating and providing your product or service offerings. This is the ‘funnel phase’ where a series of emails and texts keeps your relationship growing and their future desire to do business with you gaining ground.  Few people buy without doing research and getting to know and like the people they decide to do business with. A follow-up funnel of personalized messages helps establish trust and recognition that you are able to deliver them high value results.

  • Improve your personal brand using LinkedIn
  • Tell a convincing story of how you help solve specific problems
  • Build a funnel that leads to conversions

These are three solutions people seem to have the most trouble with.  Just getting these three things right, you can help more people and prosper yourself.