Meet the Team

Steven Nelick

Chief Executive Officer
Detroit, MI |
After retiring from a 28-year career at Enterprise Holdings in 2019, Steven was ready for the next opportunity to make a difference for business and beyond. With the aim to help business leaders, entrepreneurs, and more, he found that franchising was the best way to scale a high value system. Steven believes that balance is the secret to business success, and that it is achieved through legendary customer service, employee development, business growth, and cost reduction, all of which adds to revenue and overall profit.

Steven guides all aspects of M3Linked with the overarching focus to contribute to the entrepreneurial community. With a keen understanding of the value of relationships and connectivity, Steven has an open-door policy with all franchisees for communication and collaboration for program development, collective solution finding, and to promote a culture of responsible corporate citizenship.

David Letourneau

Scottsdale, AZ |
David has more than four decades of franchise and business experience starting and growing companies in multiple industries. He joined the M3Linked leadership team in 2018 and also serves as CEO of Sunbank Development. His most recent success (in addition to M3Linked) includes working with a new startup on all aspects of the structure, start up and operations, which resulted in growth from a single office to over 100 throughout the U.S. and Canada in five years, with sales of $250 million.

His international experience includes the U.S., Canada and Mexico, where he has led companies and divisions with over $750 million in transactions. His 40+ years of experience with the franchising platform is available to franchisees as he enjoys mentoring young entrepreneurs to discover the unlimited opportunities available to them as business owners. David contributes to the new franchisee M3Mastermind training program and participates and contributes to weekly M3Forums.

Jim Lareau

Chief Operating Officer
Detroit, MI |
After decades of guiding growth for organizations in multiple industries, in 2020, Jim realized that the opportunity to share his experiences with business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs was the most rewarding. In alignment with the M3Methodology, Jim enjoys facilitating professional connections that lead to mutually beneficial business partnerships. He has done so in various roles overseeing operations, sales, management, coaching, and more.

He is passionate about helping others clear the path to success, and he mentors each new M3Linked franchisee to ensure they meet targets and exceed goals. Through collaboration, he helps create positive organizational change and maximize effectiveness, lead strategic initiatives, drive brand loyalty, and increase operating margin and revenue. M3Linked franchisees work directly with Jim through training, onboarding, and a 90-day mentorship program.

Scott Hansbury

Scottsdale, AZ |
Prior to joining the M3Linked venture in 2018, Scott was part of 8 successful startup companies, helping catapult the launch of each to peak performance. In addition to his role with M3Linked, Scott is also the President and CEO of Anthem One. He has worked with early-stage companies through consulting, operational roles, and potential investment to move companies from startup to growth to scale. Scott is adept at analyzing market and technology trends, crafting actionable visions, and leading teams that create profitable, well-recognized, industry-leading businesses.

With success at IBM, Sun Microsystems, and more, Scott has deep experience in corporate development completing 14 M&A transactions for over $700 Million and raising over $100 Million for the startups. He is the expert for all M3Linked connectivity platforms and is passionate about using technology to solve business problems. Scott’s wealth of knowledge about technology and scaling business contributes to franchisee success.

MJ Nowak

Director of Community Development
Detroit, MI |
With M3Linked, Mary Jane “MJ” Nowak has found the amalgamation of her various career leadership roles. From financial services to community development, advertising to non-profits, her expertise in building trusted relationships, creating valued communities, crafting messaging, and giving from the heart comes together to develop new franchises, connect with new members and grow the global footprint of M3Linked’s collaboration revolution.

As the National Marketing Director and Executive Director of M3Linked, MJ thrives on facilitating impactful connections and collaborations between high-level entrepreneurs, inventors, investors, CEOs, and startup founders. She is responsible for planning and coordinating special community events, helping new franchisees with strategies to build their communities, and managing the M3Linked brand and voice. Diving deep into the community and delivering strong marketing and communications, she embodies the values of collaboration, partnership, and connection.

Brian Town

Chief Marketing Officer
Brian is the CEO of Michigan Creative. He founded Michigan Creative in 2011 after a long career in education as a film and television production teacher. His superpower is getting his clients to open up parts of their brains to think about their business in a way they never have before. His passion and experience drive him and his team to listen, problem-solve and create quality work for thousands of clients across the country.

Michigan Creative provides web development, video, branding, and advertising to help companies build their brand and creativity. His team of 16 full-time creatives loves to solve problems in creative and inspiring ways that generate ROI for their customers. Brian has a bachelor of arts in telecommunication from Michigan State University and a master's of business administration from The University of Michigan. He lives in Haslett, Michigan, with his wife Hollie, two children, and two giant dogs.