Our ideal M3Linked Community leader.

Learn the qualifications we look for in a community leader. If you're a passionate business connector, find out if you're an ideal candidate for franchise ownership.

Our Framework & Foundation

Core values
and purpose.

M3Linked was established on a set of core values which are the foundation from which we operate.

Each M3Linked Community is rooted in these guiding principles – standards that influence our behavior and provide a framework for how to lead and collaborate.

Mastered Mission Motivated

Be an Energizing Force

Show excitement, be present and open to listening and learning.

Make an Impact

Stand by your word and deliver on your promises.

Lead with Passion

Inspire others through humble confidence and lead by example.

Giving Mindset

Work to add value and be a driving force in others' lives.

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Ideal Community Leaders

Fit in with other M3Linked Community
with these qualities:

  • You are ready
    You have been a successful serial entrepreneur or a former executive ready for your next big opportunity or experienced business coach.
  • History of Success
    You have a demonstrated history of success and are looking for an elite, professional opportunity.
  • Natural Leader
    You enjoy leading successful business people and other entrepreneurs in their search for ways to grow their business and enjoy life to the fullest.
  • Inspirational Motivator
    People describe you like this: “I like myself better when I’m with you." Or “You motivate me to be a better person.”
  • Positive Energy
    You want to have fun in your business!


Collaboration done right.
  • Difference Maker
    Must love being a difference maker.
  • Successful
    Has been a successful entrepreneur or business person.
  • Opportunity Seeker
    Is looking for a professional opportunity.
  • Values Connections
    Values relationships and connecting with others.
  • Motivator
    Has been described as a motivator.
  • Leader
    Enjoys team building and leadership.
  • Organizational Skills
    Possesses strong organizational skills.
  • Follows Systems
    Able to adhere to a proven system.
  • Seeking Perfection
    Is seeking the perfect business.

Have we described you?
Become a business connector.